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Someone needs to invent something that dissolves popcorn kernels, so when that one piece gets stuck in the back of your throat, you can gargle with this magic whatever and not curse your life.

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Armenian printing

Shortly after the invention of mechanical printing by Johannes Gutenburg in 1439, Armenian became one of the first languages to be printed. 

The first book which had Armenian letters was published in Mainz (Germany) in 1486. The first Armenian book to be published by the printing press was Urbatagirq (The Book of Friday) which was published by Hakob Meghapart in Venice,1512.

throughout the world many Armenian printing houses were set up. The first Armenian printing house in Persia was established in Isfahan, Iran in 1636. The first book to be published in this printing house was «Սաղմոսարան» (“Saghmosaran”, “Psalter”); it was published in 1638 by Khachatur Kesaratsi, while the first Persian book in Persia was published 192 years later in 1830.

The first Armenian printing house in Armenia was established in Vagharshapat in 1771 and the first book was called «Զբօսարան Հոգեւոր» (“Zbosaran Hogevor”, “Spiritual walking”); it was published in 1772 by Simeon I of Yerevan. 

The Armenians also opened the first printing house in the Ottoman Empire and many other countries. Many of these printing houses are still active and have to this day printed tens of thousands of Armenian titles.

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Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: Favorite superhero?


Who gets the honor of being your favorite superhero? (or supervillian, or superish person, we’re flexible here)

I don’t have much of a preference at this point, but I definitely had a Batman-themed 5th birthday party.

Black Widow, all the way! Movie version, comic version (well, most of the comic versions), whatever - I don’t care.

My friends even had a Black Widow necklace made for me.

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